There are many ways or methods that a company can use to finance its business or projects. Here I’ll explain some of them but there are many more.

Factoring allows companies to sell their bills receivable to another company, which in turn, pays the bills in about 48 hours. After the sale, the financial company is expected to pay the bills. Until recently, this method of funding was outside the scope is small. But now they can sell their invoices and receive funds quickly.

Equipment leasing generally cost more to buy in the long term, but if cash flow is a problem for the company, could have an option to consider. Although not in cash, leasing reduces the amount of cash that otherwise would have to increase.

Commercial banks not require employers to turn over equity or company control. But the debt service can drain a young company with limited cash flow. New companies do not even have access to bank loans if they have no operating history and no collateral to secure the loan.

Investors are a very good source of early funding. To accept long-term investments than other investors would not accept. Moreover, these investments have a high risk so that the amounts invested will never be very high.

Venture Capital criteria have to accept any investment much more rigorous. Are reluctant to invest in new businesses and almost never accept investments of less than $ 5 million. These are short-term investments. Venture capitalists often take an active role the company is financed.

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