exercise 1998

1)The website address is "www.actimel.co.uk/how_itworks.php"

2)In my opinion this site is aimed in first place to young and old people since in the adverts many children and old people appear drinking actimel.In second place it is also aimed to women because they offer the product as a way to build up your bodies natural defences and to reduce the risk of contracting c.diff,and i think this specially concerns to women.In last place it is also aimed to people that are a bit bunged.

3)In this site you can get all type of information about the product "actimel" and you can also get answers to any questions you could have.

4)This site contains information about what is the product maked off,how does it work in the human body,it tells you the scientific tests they have done,it informs you about the publicity they do,they give you the chance to win a years supply of actimel and there is a block to answer your questions.

5)In this advert i found quite surprising that it always give you the idea that if you drink actimel you will have a better performance,and thats not true because actimel only helps you to support your bodies defences.

Jacobo escriva de romani.

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