The website adress is

The site is mainly aimed to upper-middle puchasing power consumers, (because sony’s products are expensive), and technology lovers.
However as a growing company, Sony is looking to become more competitive, always identifying new business opportunities, so actually there is a wide range of products aimed to a different target.

In this site, people can do lot of things; having a look at sony’s products (cameras, computers, Tv’s, Playstations, MP3’s…), buying those products, service and support. People can as well register in the site to take advantage of exclusive services.

There is a wide range of content in this site, as Sony is a big company with a wide range of products. Nevertheless, contain is constantly referred to high technology.
There is information about electronics, about play station, about services and support… but also there are online games and music contains.

In this site I found lot of information about music and movies. There are lot of artists, photos, music videos…up-to-date.
Also there are movies and a lot of funny videos to enjoy, and an e-book store where people can purchase books and read on computers.

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