1) The Uniform Resource Locator (URL) related to advertising that I have chosen is:


2) This site is aimed at people or companies interested in either buying, renting or sharing real estate in different cites and areas of Spain. It could be an appartment, a flat, a house, a garage or a business premises. Today it boasts over 260.000 advertisements!

3) There are different kinds of people who use this site.

- People who are looking for someone to rent a premisis to;

- People who are looking for a premisis to rent;

They can be:

- Individuals;

- Estate agencies;

- Construction promotors.

4) This website contains detailed information on the different premises advertised.

Part of this information is provided by the advertiser (the person who places the advertisement). This information generally includes the location of the premisis, as well as details of the characteristics of the premisis on sale or for rent.

For example, in the case of a flat for rent, the details mentioned would include: the number of rooms, the number of bathrooms/lavatories, the floor it occupies in the building, whether it is furnished or not, whether the kitchen is fully equipped, whether it has air-conditioning, if the general community expenses are included in the rent, if there is extra storage space, if there is a garage included in the price, etc.

Nevertheless, there are some other aspects that are provided by the people who work on the website and update the information. This information includes general information as to the average price of property in the area (whether it be sales or rental). There are also added links to show photographs of the area as well as a description of the neighbourhood, including lists of schools in the area and perhaps shopping and/or parking facilities.

This website also allows some financial institutions to offer automatic simulations to help calculate a mortgage.

There is a section where there are up-to-date news bulletins regarding real estate – the latest euribor rent, market price tendencies, government policies, etc.

5) I have recently had to help a friend find a new flat to rent, and I was surprised how user-friendly this website really is. You can include all kinds of filters to make your search much more efficient, and so save valuable time. And the best part is that IT’S FREE.

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