The article “ A tale of two airlines and their Facebook fiascos” posted by the Economist print edition, November 6th 2008 talks about two airlines ( Brithis Airways and Virgin Atlantic) and the problems they have found on internet, on social networks such as Facebook, My Space and Twitter.

The article says that on October 31st Virgin Atlantic fired 13 of his cabin crew who had posted derogatory comments about its safety standards and some of its passengers on a Facebook forum.

On November 3rd Brithis Airways began investigating the bahaviour of several employees who had described some passengers as “smelly” and “annoying” in Facebook postings.

Firms have been exploiting social networks such as Facebook, MySpace or Twitter and those networks could be a source of damaging publicity. As Communications specialist say: "what you say online is amplified by this services".

The managers have to be more strict with this type of things because they can damage very much his(her,your) advertising and immediately after it his(her,your) activity with a view to the public.

The managers have to put a few rules on the Internet use and have to do that are respected. The prevention is better than her recovers.

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