Companies and social networks (12 March)

The article "A tale of two airlines and their Facebook fiasco" says that on October 31st Virgin fired 13 of its cabin crew who had posted detracting comments about its safety standards and some of its passengers on a Facebook forum. On November British Airways (BA) began investigating a similar behaviour of some employees.

Firms have been exploiting social networks such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and those networks could be a source of damaging publicity. As Communications specialist say: "what you say online is amplified by this services".

People don't usually have a "model profile" but posting jokes about them in internet is illegal. Although BA and Virgin have a policy to control how their staff use internet, it has not been effective. So clearly, they have to do more to strengthen with new force the message. Also managers should supervise online activity and visit "online watering holes" in order to ensure that rules are obeyed.

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