Companies and social networks_111

Thesis: Airlines’ employees posting harmful comments of the company and the clients cause public relation’s problems.

Nowadays companies use social networks as a marketing tool. However, two airlines, British Airways and Virgin Atlantic, became the target of a damaging publicity. Some members of the staff of both companies posted, in internet, disdainful information of the airline (as safety or hygiene), and of the passengers’ behalf and manners.

The companies took action: British Airways stablished a policy who forbids to their staff to post any information of the firm in internet; Virgin create internal channels where the employees can express all their complains.

Both airlines ignored the existence of the comments that their staff posted in the social networks because they can’t control what is posted in internet everytime. Public relations’ managers consider that this damaging publicity in the social networks must be controlled by the companies and fixed as soon as possible.

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