companies and social networks 0126

The text talks about some companies that use social network like Facebook or My space to do advertising. Although this social networks can be a great way for different companies to become known, there is a problem: that such networks can also be a source of damaging publicity for companies; and the text gives some examples of companies to which this type of advertising has harmed them, like Virgin, a company who has fired a part of the crew acussed of posting damaging advertising.

This problem provokes that some companies like BA, force to their employees to sign a policy that forbids them from posting information about the firm online without specific authorization, to what Virgin disagrees because points that it can provoke employees frustration.

Another lesson is that managers must supervise the online activity to make them sure that rules are respected, because Virgin did not discover its employees´posts until clients complained.
Summaryng prevention is always better than cure.

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