Ram Charan is an Indian speker and advisor. He studied at Harvard Business School. He writes "CEO Wants you to know" and he is the coauthor of "Executions". He has worked in popular companies as GE,KLM,Dupont,Bank of America… in order to help them to develop,improve their strategic direction. We can say that Ram is an expert on business strategy.


This is the sample page of the book "Leadership in the Era of Economic Uncertainty" written by Ram Charan. The main idea of the passage is the global spread of an economic crisis, which had gone beyond the financial industry and making the author wonder how the CEO of Dupont was going to react to this crisis. Chad Holliday (the CEO), first met the leaders of the company in order to draft a report on the financial situation. Unfortunetly, they came to the conclusion that it was much more than a national crisis and in fact, a global crisis. The author uses some vivid examples to emphasize the seriousness of the problem. DuPont’s managers then decided to take action. They came up with a plan which they hardly ever consulted though. They formed different teams which deduced that the crisis was only financial and decided on the necessary actions to take to ensure DuPont’s viability. After this, the company informed this to their employees, transmitting the financial situation and the measures that have to be taken to them. Despite the fact that Holliday’s opinion was that people didn’t really understand the importance of the crisis, it seems that in the end they got it with the help of the media. Dupont created a three-person team of top executives in order to solve the problem. Finally, we observe that Holliday's reaction was fast, something very important.

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