Ram Charan is a highly acclaimed speaker and advisor.
Charan was born in India.When he was young he worked in the family´s shoes business in the small Indian town.
Soon he showed great interest in the business.
He graduated in Engineering and went first to Australia and then to Hawaii.
After his doctorate he worked at Harvard University. He has won numerous awards, written many articles and sold over two million books all related to business idea and business planning.
Nowadays, Charan is based in Dallas

2. How the CEO of DuPont reacted to the current economic crisis

The introduction of Charan´s book explains that the apparent crisis of confidence in Wall Street expanded to Western Europe, Russia and most of Asia and led to panic. Credit disappeared and the company could not finance their financial operations.
For Dupont also, the problems appeared.
In Welmington, where his headquarters are, the pace of the economy went down, as well as the sale and production of cars, etc.
The director of DuPont brought together his top executives and found and revealed that the crisis was only financial.
He said that the first thing we have to do was to communicate to all employees the company's situation.
All employees had a reunion with their manager. Each one of them was asked to say three things they could do immediately to preserve assets and reduce costs.
Later a survey was done to know if they were psychologically ready to face the crisis.
Confidence and tranquility was given to them.
The CEO of DuPont went forward and took leader's measurements and did not wait for the crisis to get deeper, it took the decisions necessary in a very short time and quickly communicated to all employees the situation because the current economic crisis affects all of us.

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