Ram Charan was born in India. He has a degree in engineering. When his talent for the business world was discovored, he was given the oppotunity to study at Harvard University a doctorate degree, where he later on served. Currently, he is in Dallas, Texas on the board of directors of Austin Industries and Tyco Electronics,

He has become very well-known for his realistic, effective and down to earth advice, helping managers of the most important companies to face really sharp situations. Some of his famous tips are for example looking for ¨single and doubles¨ or ¨home runs¨.
Dr. Charan is also a talented professor, who inspires his students. So he has received many awards for his teaching skills.
He has written many books such as “What the CEO Wants You to Know”, “Boards at Work”, “Every Business Is a Growth Business”, “Profitable Growth”, and “Boards That Deliver” and his latest “Leadership in the era of economic uncertainty”.


Chad Holliday’s DuPont’s CEO reaction to the crisis was one expected from a leader as he did everything that was in his hand to make all the employees aware of how bad it was (and is)the situation, in order to fight against it.

He first realized the problem while he was in Japan so as he arrived to the States he met with the six most important managers of the company. They studied the situation and the different possible ways of facing it.
The emptiness of Willington’s hotels as a result of the surprising stagnation of the typical legal activity and the sudden slow rhythm of production of cars made DuPont’s people become really worried.
Therefore, a corporate crisis preventing plan seemed more than appropriate to organize different groups within DuPont to handle all this.
Mr. Holliday met the company’s chief economist and the head of its pension fund to explain them everything. Each employee was then told about it and was asked for solutions. It turned out that their response was good although the seriousness of the crisis was not noticed. Holliday kept on meeting different managers in DuPont.
In six weeks everyone at DuPont was more than aware of the crisis.

The conclusion is that Mr. Holliday behaved like a real leader should: with determination and courage.

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