Ram Charan was born in India in 1939. After working at his family`s shoe shop when he was a teenager, he went on to earn an engeenering degree in India.Later, he studied at Harvard Business School and served on that business faculty.
Nowadays he is known for his real world perspective.Charan is a very well-known author who has worked in several areas of business as organic growth,corporate governance,succession & leadership pipeline.
Right now in business world he is considerated what we call "guru".
He has worked for many important companies such as KLM or Bank of America and he has written articles for Business week,Time or Director`s monthly.
Ram Charan is based in Dallas,Texas.


To explain how the current economic crisis has been faced by the ceo is the main purpose of Ram Charan's book,which was call “Leadership in the era of economic uncertainty”.Ram charan,at first,was not sure about the impact that later will cause this crisis on the company.When he realised,after meeting the top leaders,he had to face the deal of informing or not the employees.Finally,when there was no option,they took action and communication took an important place in the path to understand why the crisis has occured and the importance it has.Although,people weren't understanding the fact as fast as expected.

To sum up,ram charan thinks that the best way of solving problems is to forget about being frightened or lost,and for instance becoming a leader.

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