Ram Charan was born in India; he started working in the family business. He studied engineering in his country, and worked in Australia and the USA. He also got the MBA of the Harvard University; he became teacher of this university. But he is well known for giving advice to companies about how to solve problems or how to achieve economic growth; he became a very famous consultant. He has worked for very famous companies such as Bank of America, GE, KLM… and he has written some few but recognised business books, two of them were bestsellers. Ram Charan’s ability to teach supposed him several awards or prices. Nowadays, he lives in Dallas and he is also forms part of Austin Industries and Tyco electronics.


This introduction to corporate crisis shows the way in which the CEO of DuPont has acted to prevent the crisis. Chad Holliday reacted to the threatening crisis that was about to arrive by invoking a Corporate Crisis plan. This plan supposed the creation of 17 teams that tried to give an answer to this problem; they conclude that it was a financial crisis. The action that finally took place was informing every employee about the situation and the company asked them to do what possible to avoid costs and conserve cash. Finally these measures were executed by the employees, and the results occurred faster than expected. But even though measures were being taken, DuPont established 3 teams to search new plans that in long-term the company would need to save cash and avoid costs.

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