Biography of Ram Charan

Ram Charan, a famous writer and one of the top management thinkers and consultants, was born in 1939 in Uttar Pradesh, India. He used to work in the family shoe shop and obtained an engineering degree in India. He started his career with a job in Australia and then in Hawaii. He also earned MBA and doctorate degrees from Harvard Business School, where he continued as a professor. Dr. Charan has worked with top executives for several well-known companies such us GE, Thomson Corporation, KLM and Bank of America. Among his numerous books, stands out the bestseller “Execution: The Discipline of Getting Things Done”. On top of this, he is the author of “Confronting reality”, “What the CEO wants you to know” and a lot more. Some of his articles have appeared in the Financial Times, Harvard Business Review, Director´s monthly and Strategy and Business. He won the Bell Ringer award at GE´s famous Crotonville Institute. In addition, Dr. Charan was elected a Distinguished Fellow of the National Academy of Human Resources. He is an expert on business strategy and helps companies to solve their problems by providing them his advice.


In his book “Leadership in the era of economic uncertainty” Ram Charan explains us how the CEO of DuPont has faced the current economic crisis. At the beginning he was not sure about how far the crisis could get and about its impact in the company. He met the top leaders in order to ask them if the problems were affecting DuPont. He had to think if it was serious enough to inform all employees. The evidence told them they need to take action. Therefore, senior managers began talking about effective procedures and plans to deal with the crisis. Communication became one of the more important aspects, employees needed to understand the nature and importance of the crisis. Nevertheless, people were not responding as fast as it was expected. Holliday had a feeling that they were not understanding the urgency of the problem. At the same time, longer-term actions were being taken into account. Ram Charan thinks this is the way we should act when there are problems, as a decisive leader, facing uncertainty and encouraging people to do their best.

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