Ram Charan begun his business career in India, he worked with his family in shoe shop. Then he went to university to study engineer. soon after he achieved a job in Australia and then in Hawaii.
He decided to continue to study, he earned a doctorate and he did a MBA in Harvard Business School. after that in that university Dr. Charan worked.
Charan is a acknowledge business advisor, why is that he had worked for famous companies like Verizon, Novartis, Dupont, Thomson Corporation…
Over last years charan has publicated books and articles. For example: "Why CEOs Fail" and "Why Companies Fail."


Nowadays there is a global financial crisis. Ram Charan in his book “ Leadership in the era of economic uncertainty” says how the CEO of DuPont reacted to the economic crisis.
When Holliday realized about the global economic crisis he called a meeting of the heads of department to know how the global crisis was affecting to the company.
When Holliday knew about the company situation, he wanted to communicate it to his employees to resolve the problem together.
The main problem Hollidays had was that measures his employees took wasn´t quick enought to be effective in the middle of the hard situation.

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