Ram Charan is based in Dallas, but he grew up in India, where he started working in a familiar shoe shop. That’s how he got introduced in the business world.
About his studies, he first earned an engineering degree in India, and after he got graduated in MBA and a doctor’s degree in Harvard, with high distinction, as a Baker’s Student. When his talent for business was discovered, he became a very important expert on business strategy. Thanks to that talent, he has been coaching for more than 35 years some of the most important business man of the biggest companies on the world, such as: GE, Dupont, KLM and Bank of America. Nowadays he is on the board of Austin Industries and Tyco Electronics. As many people request his advices, during the past decade he has recapitulated his knowledge in the best seller, Execution: The Discipline of Getting Things Done and Confronting Reality. Apart from writting books or articles, his interactive way of teaching has won him several distinctions.


In his book “Leadership in the era of economic uncertainty” Ram Charan shows how the CEO of Dupont, Chad Holliday, notice that the economic crisis was spreading and could become into a global crisis.
he called the top leaders in his company in order to ask them if the problem were affecting Dupont.
In that meeting they started analyzing the reasons why crisis was happening, and finally the evidence told them they need to take action.
Holliday had to think if it was serious enough to inform all employees,and the answer went that employees needed to understand the importance of the crisis. However, holliday had a feeling that they were not undertanding the seriousness of the problem. Meanwhile, longer-term actions were being taken into account.
Ram charan thinks this is the best way we should act when there are problems, as a decisive and effective leader, which also motivates people to give the best of theirselves.

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