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Ram is a famous consultant of companies, speaker and writer.
He studied engineering in the Hindu university of Banaras, later he studied in Harvard's business school where he obtained a MBA in 1965 and a doctorate in 1967 although Charan worked in the family shop before earning his degree in India.
His experience is based on the profitable growth, vision for the business, leadership, tools to change a social system, Corporate Government. This experience has allowed him to be employed for 35 years at different companies.
Also, Charan has been the author of collection of books published in the whole world for example Leadership in the Era of Economic Uncertainty, The Game Changer, Leaders At All Levels, What the Customer Wants You To Know.
Nowadays he lives in Dallas.


DuPont Chad Holliday returned of seeing a customer in Japan, he organized a meeting to value the reason of the crisis and to take the measurements of control.
The problems began with the credit, it was disappearing. It seemed to be a global crisis as in Europe Occidental, Russia.

The hotel of the center Wilmington plunged more than 30 per cent in 10 days; the manufacturers do not have lists of production, the sales start falling down.
Measurements were taken one of them was the plan of the Corporate Crisis, this plan was formed by 17 equipments, in 4 days I declare that the crisis was only a financier.
Days before a voting were done to see if the personnel understood nature of the crisis.
Confidence and tranquillity was given to them.
The president of DuPont took the measurements of the leader and did not hope that the crisis was increasing.

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