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Ram-Charan is a well known management writer, a management expert and a management leader, in one word, a management guru.
He was born in 1939 in Uttar Pradesh, India. He used to work in his family shoe shop situated in the Indian town where he was brought up as a child. He graduated as an engineer and once he found he was destined to succeed in business, he earned MBA and doctorate degrees from Harvard Business School and then served on this faculty.
Ram-Charan’s methods for advising on business topics based on the recommendations for achieving profitable growth have made him famous and many companies such as GE, Verizon or Novartis have summoned him.
He has been designated as a leader expert and also awarded several times. Nearly six books and many articles as well as thirty five years of experience guarantee his success.


When the CEO of DuPont, Chad Holliday, realized how serious the current economic crisis was and how bad it could affect his company, his reaction was immediate.
Firstly he summoned the leaders of DuPont who determined that the crisis was not only affecting the company headquarters, but it had spread globally. Therefore it was necessary to apply the disaster control procedures which were used in critical situations.
As the crisis was only financial, nine standing teams were gathered together and they decided what was necessary to do in order to ensure DuPont’s viability. Communications with employees were established and they were asked to list three things they could do for the welfare of the enterprise. Despite the success of the idea, Holliday was no sure about people getting the urgency with which they had to act.
All of this was done in no more than six weeks and the CEO of DuPont also laid down long term measures with the intention of being ready in the future if the current situation gets worse.

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