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1)Ram Charan is a very important bussines advisor and speaker.He started working quite early in the family shoe shop in the small indian town where he grew up.Afterwards he earned an engineering degree and soon he took a job in Australia and then in Hawaii.When his talent was discovered he was graduated in Harvard business school where afterwards he served on the Harvard Business school faculty.
Dr. Charan is well known for providing advice that takes into account the real-world complexities of business.He recommends to develop a "growth budget" to instill discipline on growth initiatives.
His energetic,interactive teaching style has won him several awards,such as the Bell Ringer award at GE s famous crotonville institute and the best teacher award at Northwestern.Dr.Charan has written his business insights in many books and articles.In the last 5 years there have been sold more than 2 million copies of his books.
Dr.Charan was elected as a distinguished Fellow of the National Academy of Human Resources.He is on the board of Austin Industries and Tyco Electronics.

2)The sign that the economic crisis was spreading globally came to the CEO of dupont Chad holliday when he was visiting a major customer in japan.The ceo of the Japanese company said he was worried about his cash position.
When he was back to the united states the six top leaders in his company did a meeting and they become to the agreement that what had seemed to be a crisis of confidence in wall street may become a global crisis,credit was disappearing.Wilmington,where Dupont has it headquarters plunged more than 30 percent in 10 days,more telling was the rate at which production at many companies was slowing.Normally automobile companies share their production schedules with Dupont and suddenly there werent any production schedules.
The plan seldom was called up,this plan immediatly brought together the 17 standing teams that always assemble when a crisis is declared,it was clear that the nature of the crisis was only financial.Within 10 days of the formulation of plans to deal with the crisis,every employee in Dupont had had a face to face meeting with a manager who explained what the company needed to do.Within a few days the company conducted polling to see if employees understood the nature of the crisis,and they seemed to get it.But holliday said that people didnt grasp the urgency with which they needed to be acting,maybe because they gave them too much confidence.
Holliday took time to talk with each of the companies top 14 leaders and they all said they where doing many things to cope with the crisis,but the problem was how fast it was getting done.
In most cases a contractor could be released with one weeks notice and without any severance costs.
Duponts initial reaction against to the spreading economic crisis took place in less than six weeks but there is much more to do.
Chad holliday took charge,pulled people together,and took a decisive action.This is what every leader must do.

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