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Ram Charan was born in 1939 in Uttar Pradesh, India. Now he lives in Dallas,and he is not married and he neither have children.
He obtained an engineering at the Hindu University and then he moved to USA where he get an MBA in Harvard University in 1965.
After that he began to work as an advisor for more than thirty-five years at companies like GE, KLM, Bank of America, DuPont, Novartis, EMC, Dell and Verizon, helping them on their strategies.
He is the author of twelve books between wich we find What the CEO Wants You to Know or know how and execution wich became a best-seller.
Charan was elected as a member of the national academy of human resources in 2000 and was named distinguished member from this one in 2005. Also he is the director of Industries Austin.


How the CEO of DuPont reacted to the current crisis?

The first reaction of DuPont was to create a plan, called the Corporate Crisis plan, wich its first move was bring together DuPont’s senior managers to appraise the cause of the crisis and take measurements of control.
The seventeen standig teams were called. They determined that it was a financial crisis. Eight teams moved back and the other nine finally determined the facts needed to ensure DuPont’s viability.
The company’s chief economist and the head of its pension fund were ordered to explain the crisis to the employees and show them how it was affecting to the company. Every employee of DuPont had personal and specific instructions to reduce costs.
The actions aimed at reduce costs were taken fastly. Nevertheless Holliday seemed to be thinking that actuations were not being done as faster as it should be done.
He considered that something must be done on short term. After meetings with company’s top 14 leaders Holliday determined that the fastest way to save the most cash was to cut back as much as possible on the over 20,000 outside contractor the company had hired.
The initial reaction of DuPont took only six weeks. Holliday predict that the inflation that preceded crisis that the inflationary trends that preceded the financial meltdown will reassert themselves, but DuPont are ready for this if it happens.

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