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Ram Charan Biography:

Raman Charan is one of the most brilliant advisers and speaker for his unearthly skill of solving puzzling business problems.Charan worked in his family´s shoe
shop in India where he studied engineering. He is a recognized business man dued to his numerous degrees that He has such as MBA and a doctorate from
Harvard Business School. It is worth highlighting He was a baker Scholar.
For more than thirty-five years, Charan has consulted for the well-know companies such as KLM, GE and Bank of America between others.

Nowadays, He is on the board of different international firms. In addiction to this, He also is the author of many books, with emphasis on: Execution:
The Discipline of Getting Things Done and Confronting Reality, co-authores with Larry Bossidy or What the CEO Wants You to Know. Because of all his
experience Ram Charan was elected a Fellow of the National Academy of Human Resources.

Summary of how the CEO of DuPont reacted to the current economic crisis:

When Chad Holliday noticed the minimal but clear sign that the crisis was coming, immediately He struggled against it. Many indication of how serious problems
were becoming affected the economy. So DuPont chief executive officer Chad Holliday started developing the company´s contingency planning which He called “Corporate
Crisis Plan”.
Inmediately , The senior managers were gathered in order to find the origin of the crisis and establish the guidelines to ensure company´s viability. Due to the
importance of employeers on crisis plan, Holliday planned different actions such as inform them about crisis roots and the way it was affecting the company
or face-to-face meetings with each employeer to make them aware of how diminishing costs and conserve cash. CEO AND CFO also shared ideas with the
company´s top 14 leaders about how they could coped with the crisis.
Nevertheless, Holliday thought people were not really conscious about the urgency with which they should respond at all.
Although inmediate solutions against the crisis were carried out successfully which one of the main one was firing the numerous external contractors, DuPont also
created a team looking at longer-term actions, which consisted to reduce costs basically.

In conclusion, Chad Holliday acted with decision and no fear as a business leader must do. In less than six week, DuPont´s reaction took place to the global economic crisis.

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