Biography of the Ram Charan

Ram Charan was born in India in 1939. He started his business career very young working in his family shoe shop in India. He went on to earn an engineering degree and then MBA and doctorate degrees from Harvard Business School. Charan graduated from Harvard with high distinction and was a Baker Scholar. He then served on the Harvard Business School faculty. Today, he is an important acclaimed business advisor, speaker and author, who has worked during many years for companies like GE, KLM, Bank of America, DuPont, Novartis, EMC, Novartis, 3M and Verizon. Also, he is an expert on business strategy, and he has worked in politics helping some world leaders. Maybe, What the CEO Wants You to Know and Execution is his most important best seller.

Summary about How the CEO of DuPont reacted to the current economic crisis

At the same time as DuPont CEO, called Chad Holliday, anticipated the financial crisis, he began a delicate project. In first, to organize a meeting, which it would be formed by the most important managers of the company, and Holliday could know his company’s cash position. In one hand the credits were disappearing, and in the other hand the sales were decreasing. Holliday became the Corporate Crisis plan, the employee should know the financial problems of his company. They were eliminating staff and business trips to reduce expenses. Whit this system of communication between the different levels of the company obtained to reduce the expenses and to increase the liquidity.

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