Ram charan was borned in 1939 in India, he is a business consultant, speaker, and writer.
He has worked with business leaders in major and successful corporations. He shows his knowledges, through writing and teaching.
While he was working at a shoe shop he was introduced in business. He graduated as an engineer, and later obtained a doctorate at Harvard Business.
He is well known for providing advice. among its recommendations for achieving profitable growth is “grow budget”, to instill discipline on growth iniciatives. He is considered the leading expert in corporate governance, so many CEOs and boards want to hire him to get his advices.

Thanks to his energy and his way of teaching has won many awards.
In the last 10 years he has written numerous books and articles showing her ideas. He has sold over 2 million copies

The article talks about the crisis, and how does the enterprise Dupond faces the problems that it creates.

Holiday realized the importance of the crisis,so he met with leaders of his company, and he understood that it was a global crisis that made credits disappear, and now companies must finance their own operations.
Over the course of the days it became clear that the crisis´origin was only financial.

It was necessary to report to Dupond´s employees about this situation, so Holliday enlisted the company´s chief economist and the head of its pension fund to talk to the employees and to explain them what must the enterprise do now. Each employee must help.
They took some measures, but Holliday thought that people were not reacting as fast as the crisis demands. Also, it was necessary to take long-term measures.

Thanks to the quick reaction to the economic crisis, Dupond will be ready to start operating. Holliday faced this situation without doubts, and this is what a manager must do now

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