1. What´s the URL?
2. Who is it aimed at? This bank is for people who is working in agriculture and self-employed and persons all those who want to give extra value to it´s payroll.
3. What can they do there? Enjoy the service with significant developments and specific conditions for an extra performance from you payroll. In addition to offering people in the field of housing for young people between 25 and 35 years of age they can receive aid for the rental housing that allows them to be emancipated.
4. What content does it certain? The bank specializes in offering the following services at a distance: it offers a high range of products and services, and accounts, cards, mortgage, loans, deposits, insurance, securities. It may also operate through the telephone or internet and finally offers a customer service via phone, internet and ATM´s.
5. Did you find anything surprising/especially interesting? I found interesting in banking Rural investment in health and social care in addition to helping the restoration of the organs of the historical heritage of Granada.

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