I have decided to talk about the website of one of the most recognized companies in the world of advertising. Saatchi & Saatchi is an international company, famous for its inspiring and impressive ideas. The URL is

The site is aimed at those possible future clients of the company, people that are thinking about the possibility of hiring their services. It is also directed to people that may want to work for them and, for this reason, they probably want to know about how this company works.

The site has several sections that inform us about different aspects of the company.
Men and women professionally interested in advertising can search for information about this agency. This way, they can learn more about its history, clients, ideas and beliefs. In this website anyone can see the advertisers and campaigns it has carried out, all the news related to this advertising company and the awards it has won.

In my opinion, the design is especially creative and showy. It attracts your attention. I have to say that it results very easy to navigate through this website, what is a great advantage for those people that are not very familiar with computers. There are lots of advertisers and campaigns that show you the style of the company. They are amazing, charming and inspiring. It is incredible how they captivate you. What is more, all over the site you can find various pictures that impress you. It is also surprising the amount of awards they celebrate.

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