1. What is the URL (website address)

I´ve chosen the brand: NIKE.
The URL is

2. Who is the site aimed at?

It´s aimed to all kind of public: childs, men, women… specially to the sportsmen, because they produce sports clothes, overall slippers.

3. What can they do there?

They produce a great variety of sports clothes, they do a great job of advertising, since their brand is known all over the world, and in adition, nike is a brand with a lot of prestige, and it is because of it, that is expensive.
The main way of advertising that Nike does, is that important and famous sportsmen wear their clothes in their matches, and people like Nadal, Raul or Casillas, promote the brand.

4. What type of content does it contain?

In Nike´s web everybody can find what they look for, or what they need to know. We can see a catalogue, where appears the whole range of Nike´s products for people who wants to know any price, or who wants to choose an specific model. Also we can see some sportsmen videos wearing Nike´slippers and clothes. (advertising).
In Nike´s web you can buy any product you want online; by this way you don´t have to move to any store.

5. Did you find anything surprising/especially interesting?

I notice that Nike lets you create your own designe, choosing what you like more letting you being creative.

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