1 The URL that I have chosen is the American website of Adidas, which is,

2 This extremely trendy site, is aimed to a sportive way of live, sport men and women who like sport, sport clothes, and fashion.

3 In this website you can find everything related with sports, such as football boots, football balls, and of course all type of clothes of every single sport, such as golf, tennis, paddle, football, basketball…You are able to buy whatever you want there. Customers can take a look at all the clothes and merchandising of Adidas that they want, and them buy online. They can also, have a look at the Adidas Newsletter service, which will keep them aware of all the current news of the sport world. There are tons of videos of your favorite sport stars in this web, so you will be able to watch them too!

4 This website content an online service to buy products, information about them, information about sport tournaments, news of the sport world… You can also find a job in this area, if you are really interested, you can send your Curriculum and wait for an answer. In relation with the website, it contents a F.A.Q address where you can ask whatever you want to get any information you need, another address, is called “About us” where you can find all the information about Adidas brand.

5 About anything surprising or especially interesting, I would say that the prices have surprised me, because you can find them really cheap clothes online rather than in the Adidas shop. I have also enjoyed a lot a section of dancing, yoga and aerobic.

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