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What is the URL?

The website that i´m going to talk about is one of the most popular fashion brand in the market and also it has one of the best perfume publicity.The URL is

Who is the site aimed at?

This site it doesn´t have an especific target, is directed to everyone who wants to buy clothes like women,children and men.Although, is true that is more involved with women, but that´s because women are more interested in fashion than men and they are going to spend more money.About the price,it depends on the collection but usually is high.

Nevertheless, not only is involved with clothes, also with home decoration and perfumes.

What can they do there?

The visitor of this site can see the whole collection, but not being necessary go to the store, so this is a perfect way to show and get to know a brand.Also you can pick the picture of a model and try on different clothes, change the colour, the size,so you can see more or less how the clothes look on a person. In addition, not only allows the visitor to see the collection, buying is allowed too.

What type of content does it contain?

In this site,as I said before,you can see all the collection, which includes summer, spring and winter.This website can be divided in three:women, children and men.

About the women section, it has three kinds of collection called ralph lauren collection, black label and blue label. The first one has a highest quality(very formal), then the second is less formal and finally there is a sport collection.The men section has the same division as the women.Moreover, the children section is different, they only has one type of clothes.

It gives you lots of information and a huge variety of clothing, perfumes and accesories for the home.

Did you find anything surprising/especially interesting?

Personally, I didn´t know that ralph lauren was selling home stuff and the other thing that I was surprised by, is that you can download every collection to your iphone.

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