1º. What is the URL?

2º. Who is the site aimed at?

Anybody who wants to play golf or is interested in going on holidays in Spain and play golf.

3º. What can they do there?

You can receive information about Spain and all the golf courses.

4º. What type of content does it contain?

We can found offers, information about golf courses, hotel lists, golf packages, green fee, etc.

5º. Did you find anything surprising/especially interesting?

The most interesting thing is that you can find are golf packs with low prices in green fee and hotel and that you can reserve your holidays at the moment.
This is possible thanks to the sponsors who provide us with warranty, quality and price. All these companies (Volvo, British Airways, AC Hotels, Sol Meliá, etc.) have a great interest because they are related to golf's world that always attracts a lot of tourism, and therefore customers.

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