advertising 424

Trying to find an advertising I think about IKEA, because I’ve recently been there doing some shopping with my mother and I find is an amazing shop. The URL is

The low prizes adapted to all pockets make possible a wide range of clients from marriages until young couples that whish to decorate their new house.

Because IKEA is an enormous shop, the site is divided in sections; living room, kitchen, bathroom… (All rooms of a house) as well as decoration, illumination…in each section you can find different articles; name and prize.
This make easier to buy in this shop because if you previously visit the web then you know what exactly you want to buy.

What is surprising of this website is that recently they introduced a change, there is an option in which says: need help: Ask Ana. You can ask what ever yo what related to decoration and instantly you receive an answer. For example you ask about beds and the different models and Ana will show you all beds Ikea has. Also what I find especially surprising is that you can design in the web the kind of wardrobe you want and need. Then you buy in ikea the elements you used to design your wardrobe and you build it.
Therefore ikea is the best choice to decorate yor house with a low cost.

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