Advertising 1907

I have chosen to talk about “quicksilver” wich website adress is Quiksilver has been related since always with surf, skateboarding, and other sports of this type.

This site is aimed at every kind of customers but specially for young people interested in sports or sports clothes.

The website is very complete,you can find whatever you want about quicksilver. You can search for quicksilver’s products,wich is the first objective of the site in order to buy via internet, read some news related with the brand, or you can get information about the company and the staff, between others.

The main objective of this page, as i said before, is to show the products of quicksilver wich are basically sports clothes. Most of them are comfortable clothes that can be used by young people to go to the university for example,not only for play sports.In adition there are photos of extreme sport players wearing the clothes of the brand and another section where you can give your opinion, said what you want about quicksilver‘s products, or just talk with other customers of the brand on the blog.

Finally something that surprised me form this site is that you can watch videos about extreme sports and other sports wich are relationed with the brand.

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