I´m going to talk about the website of the one of the most important companies in car´s sector, and I have choosen Mercedes-benz.

The website address is WWW.MERCEDES-BENZ.ES

Is well known that Mercedes cars are maybe the most reliable .In addition these cars incorporate the last innovations, that´s why these cars have high prices. So the website is mainly aimed to people with high buying power.

The website show us the features, prices and photos that allow us to compare each model. All of that things will help us if we are interested in buying a car of this brand. We also can find general information about the company, the methods of payment, the concessionaries in our city, topics related with the environment, etc.

We have the chance of making our own design and know the last news related with the brand, cars technology, etc.

For the last time, the most surprising thing I noticed is the possibility of designing our own car, and the slogan that appear in the website which says: “disculpanos, hemos estado observando tus sueños”. I think that these type of sentences or slogans are a good and efficient way of promotion.

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