1. What is the URL (website address)?

2. Who is the site aimed at?
This site is aimed at to all adult women, chiefly to women between 20 and 40 years old.

3. What can they do there?
They can inquire about different things, like how to cook, places to go. This site is specially about fashion, the new tendencies for the next season but women can also search for lots of matters.

4. What type of content does it contain?

As I said in the last question this is a fashion site, however you can search for different themes as health, the best trademarks , leisure time ,formalities to be a personal shopper and also how to put on cosmetics. I reckon that is a really interesant site for women because you can learn things about real life like how to stimulate a baby.

5. Did you find anything surprising/especially interesting?

Yes, the children`s part is really interesting. They explain women what things can your baby eat, places to buy clothes to them, different manners to adapt your baby to the light and to the darkness. This last question is surprising because they try to explain us that babies should sleep during the day with the curtains open, so they can recognize the day and the night.

But I also think that in this type of magazines, where they show you how a famous person is comb, what things do they put on, they are trying to persuade you to dress as they dress, and they show what shops to go so you can spend money there.

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