I am going to talk about the BMW site in Spain.

1.What is the URL (website address)?
The URL of BMW in Spain is:

2.Who is the site aimed at?
This site is aimed to people who are interested into buy a new or used car. As well, you have a link that connects you to the BMW motorbikes site. In short, to people of the driving force world.

3.What can they do there?
There you can design your own car, have a budget of your design, locate the different concessionaires in your city, you have financial services and you can see the different achievements of BMW in the emissions of his cars.

4.What type of content does it contain?
The content of the site is an informative content about his car models, last innovations that are in the market and information of the company. As well, usually, you can see the advantages of the new models that will be soon in the market.

5.Did you find anything surprising/especially interesting?
For me has been very interesting the fact that you can design your own car and have a budget of it before you go to the concessionaire, so you will lose less time in buying a car. As well the link of financial services allowed you to be informed about the best way to finance the payment.

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