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2. It is firstly aimed at enterprises in general interested in this advertising company to promote their products or develop a campaign, and secondly the page is planned to be visited by other no-professional users who want to get a job, know more about a Leoburnett, or enquire about their latest news.

3. If you visit Leoburnett’s web site you will find out a funny and interactive web where you can read and visualize information about themselves, visit other related blogs, even draw with a virtual pencil!

4. The content of the web is mainly aimed at introduce themselves and their activity. They explain which is their philosophy, their way of work, their objectives, and also they show the brands they worked with.

5. I find two interesting things about this website, the first one is that it is very well designed and it is especially important for a marketing company because it can cause a good visual impact if you are a company which is thinking about hire their services, and the second one is the horrible and tacky web music that makes you silence you computer!

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