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I have chosen a very interesting and well-know american company called ebay in which millions of people navigate everyday in order to sell and buy almost anything.The website URL adress is .

As I said before,the site is aimed at all those who want to sell products and services.
Nowadays, people check this website searching bargains, collection items or unusual things.

Anything can be offered on this website as long as it is not illegal and does not violate the Ebay Prohibited items Policy. So a wide rage of products can be found from furnishing to vehicles.
Many people use this site to sell at auction items which sometimes are as unusual as a single cornflake that was sold for 1,2 $ or an island in the Caribbean.

However, because of the internet growth, it has been necessary to forbid some items in order to control what is being sold in this website. It depends on the law contry system, prohibited items may change but, for instance, some of these last items have been tobbaco or drugs.

Firstly, what I find especially interesting is whatever it is you can get it on Ebay (which is the slogan company) and I also like the way you send or receive the money. Ebay uses paypal as a payment which is an easy and safe way to pay online.
Finally, I like this website because although if you are not a professional bargain seacher you can see what products an auctioneer has already sold and what people say about his quality,shipping…that helps you a lot when you have not decided what to buy yet.

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