Homework: advertising

The Internet has taken a major role in advertising, creating a whole new way of making and understanding an advertisement for a product or service. I have chosen the website of a well-known company, popular for its shocking publicity. The website URL address is, and presents the 6th edition of the world famous “Volkswagen Golf”.

The site is eventually aimed to inform all the possible buyers, and, although the car might be very well directed to all kind of people, the target consumers remain young people (as the car itself is aimed to these kind of consumers). The website might as well be aimed to all the Golf enthusiasts like me, and thus potential buyers.

The site is very complete, giving lots of information and also making a special emphasis on the legend of the car, which is reaching its 6th edition. The visitor can create his own car, learn about the history of the brand, take part in a photo contest (of course related with the car!), as well as learning about the specific characteristics of the car.

As said before, the options for the visitor are both varied and interesting. We can divide the website in two major sections: specific information about the car itself, and then a part about the meaning of owning a Golf, a personal car editor and a photo contest. The visitor has got lots of liberty to navigate the Web, while listening to a version of a very famous song or watching the TV commercial which is simply outstanding.

I personally think that the website is an excellent way of announcing the car, which has changed a lot with its last revamp. It doesn’t only satisfy the needs of the potential customer, but also is helpful for the enthusiasts or curious about the new car. I do not think that anything is missing from this very good promotional website.

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