Trying to find some interesting advertising surfing on the web, I realised that when I was a child the toy I liked the most was Barbie. In fact, nowadays it still is one of the most comercial toys in the market.
So I visited www.Barbie.com and I was right! Barbie has a fascinating webside with lots of things to do. Obviously is designed for girls between the ages of 4 and 13 (depending on the maturity of the girl)
First of all, it is all pink and there is a Barbie thant introduces you to thant pink world. On the upper right side there is a menu, explaning the things you can do. We can differenece sections: one is dedicated to parents, another one for Barbie´s collectors, another related to Barbie in the world ande the last one, of course, shopping with Barbie.
In order to call the attention of kids, the page is filled with colours and publicity selling the new movies of the doll and all its products.
The thing I like the most about the page is the way it sells their products and how you can play with the Barbie modelling hair and changing her clothes.

Almudena Fernandez Montoya

Hello Mr Roberts! I would like to apologize for not going so aften to class. I am from Sevilla and I spent there some days because of some personal issues. Unluckily I have an ear infection now. I´ll try to go to class on monday if I´m feeling better. I hope yo understand. Thanks for your attention.

Best regars
Almudena Fernandez Montoya

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